Hotel The Royal Plaza, New Delhi

Our recently renovated modern deluxe rooms, top quality service and amenities make us the preferred destination both for business and leisure travellers alike. The architecture at the property is inspired from the Renaissance period which is imminent in its multiple frescos and exquisite marble sculptures.
Come celebrate this vibrant city that boasts of a deep rooted history, adorned with exciting monuments, delicious authentic age-old recipes, a variety of distinct cultural and unique local experiences creating wonderful lasting memories with us.

Mr. Ashok Mittal

Mr. Ashok Mittal, Founder of the Litolier Group and Chairman of Hotel The Royal Plaza New Delhi, is a business leader with great initiative and vision. The hotel is a four-star deluxe fully serviced award winning property and boasts of the second largest room inventory of 419 elegant rooms and suites in the city center. Hotel The Royal Plaza has become synonymous with both local and international travellers with the right blend of service, luxury and expertise. The property is strategically located in the heart of the business and commercial districts of the capital city.

Our brand story

Litolier Group was founded in 1969 by Mr. Ashok Mittal, with a humble beginning as a private enterprise in the field of interior lighting, the group diversified into other interior-related industries by introducing Italian marble to the Indian market. Under the aegis of our founder we further ventured into the financial markets clocking the highest turnovers on the stock exchanges and, we also forayed into the real estate space by building business hubs in Mumbai and underway are planned residential developments in New Delhi. As an entrepreneur Mr. Mittal has had his fair share of challenges including growing competition which, were overcome through his inate leadership qualities, innovative ways, and sheer dedication. Our founder has immense entrepreunurial skills and an in-built ability to identify new and profitable business opportunities which, lead the group’s entry into the hospitality sector by establishing its own award winning 4-star deluxe brand Hotel The Royal Plaza.

our vision
and mission

Entrepreneurial success cannot be curbed and Litolier Group under the leadership of its founder Mr. Ashok Mittal plans to further its growth in the hospitality sector either by investing in existing properties or building new one's both within the Indian sub-continent and overseas. The focus of expansion shall be on other metropolitan and popular tourist destinations within the country and cities of financial significance abroad. Litolier Group always strives to provide superior quality lifestyle products to its discerning clientele and enhance their luxury experience. Through innovation and ongoing product development whether it be in the field of interior-related products to luxury hotels and business parks we, endeavour to provide excellence in all spheres to our ever-growing patrons.


We at Hotel The Royal Plaza are a responsible corporate enterprise and understand our social commitments. We undertake blood donation camps on a regular basis and have also participated by contributing to our brave soldiers through Bharth Ke Veer foundation.
Apart from these close to our heart are education and animal welfare programs which, we support through various charities.

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